Product Bulletins

Kraft Fluid Systems presents Danfoss Digital Displacement® Pump

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Replacing a standard pump with a single or multiple outlet 96cc Digital Displacement® Pump (DDP) can dramatically increase the productivity of hydraulic machinery, enhancing control, and reducing energy consumption.

Customers can profit from reduced power consumption with the potential to downsize engines or battery packs. Whichever route is taken, DDP can deliver benefits today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Next Generation Danfoss Displays

Danfoss is soon releasing its next generation of graphical displays with a modern appearance and rugged design. The new DM Series of displays provide excellent viewability, high brightness, anti- fogging, and anti-glare characteristics.

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Danfoss is soon releasing its next generation of graphical displays with a modern appearance and rugged design. The new DM Series of displays provide excellent viewability, high brightness, anti-fogging, and anti-glare characteristics.

The displays are fully customizable to your requirements using personalized or standard graphics along with touch or button operations. The displays have multiple CAN ports to interact with a CAN bus system and can display any data required including engine information. These displays are designed to complement the Plus+1 Controls System to provide the operator with visual and input options of the control system, as well as vital system status feedback.

Kraft Fluid Systems Presents Schabmueller Wheel Drives

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For more than 15 years, Kraft has integrated Schabmueller Electric Wheel Drives into the most demanding battery powered vehicle applications.

Manufactured in Germany by 350+ employees, Schabmueller wheel drives are famous for high quality, durability, and performance.

Kraft offers three types of Schabmueller Wheel Drives; Vertical Drives, Motor in Wheel Drives, and Dual Gear Drives.

Reliability and Performance are Assured When You Choose HydraForce® Solenoid Operated Valves

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Kraft Fluid Systems, HydraForce Solenoid Operated Valves® – June 2019

Using quality components is an important part of any mechanical system. Flexibility and size are especially important when designing a hydraulic circuit.

HydraForce offers a broad range of solenoid and proportional valves. Their extensive product offering ensures that your system can achieve maximum performance with minimal…

Kraft Utilizes 45 Years of Mobile Hydraulic Systems Experience to Optimize Applications

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Systems Integration Capability – February 2019

Proper design of hydraulic and electronic control systems is vital to efficient, high-performing mobile hydraulic machinery. Each component must be correctly selected, sized, and integrated; errors may jeopardize a machine’s performance, efficiency, and reliability. Correctly integrating mobile hydraulic systems and electronic controls involves knowledge and experience. Kraft Fluid Systems has the mobile systems expertise needed to ensure client’s hydraulic and electronic control systems perform optimally and deliver the highest value to their end user….

Kraft Offers Custom Lithium Werks Battery Modules For Reliable, More Efficient Power

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Lithium Ion Battery Packs – January 2019

Kraft Fluid Systems now offers custom lithium ion battery packs using Lithium Werks (Valence) modules to propel electric vehicles and mobile equipment applications, including AGVs, amusement park rides, material handling equipment, forklifts, utility equipment and more.

The lithium ion battery modules offer less weight, increased capacity, and incredible life. When compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, a lithium ion battery is…

What Makes for Good Radio Remote Controls?

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Radio Remote Controls – November 2018

As with any industrial products, customers expect quality and dependability with radio remote controls. Beyond that, a good radio should be safe, durable, and have components that are easy to operate.

When purchasing HBC Radiomatic radio remote controls, users should expect…

What Makes a Good Open-Circuit Piston Pump?

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Series 45 Pumps – October 2018

A quality open-circuit piston pump is compact, offers a wide-range of displacement choices, and has pressure ratings suitable for a multitude of applications. Flexibility when it comes to controls, shafts, and auxiliary drives, reduces time to market and provides a more competitive family of pumps.

Flexible Options and Controls…

Unlimited Combinations and many Custom Options with HydraForce Manifolds.

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Custom Manifolds & Combination Valves – September 2018

Custom manifolds and combination valves can add significant benefits to a hydraulic system. When properly applied they can simplify plumbing, reduce leak points and reduce installation space required. Other benefits include the ability to install diagnostic ports and use custom labeling to help with trouble shooting and aid in proper installation.

Using quality components is an important part of any system…

Greater Performance, Power Density and Flexibility for Demanding Mobile Hydraulic Applications

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Kraft Fluid Systems, High Power Pumps – August 2018

Danfoss high power closed circuit pumps are designed to offer greater performance, power density and flexibility for demanding mobile hydraulic applications. They feature a wide range of displacements ranging from 45 cc/rev to 250 cc/rev. Both pump families also feature many control options to meet diverse OEM application requirements.

The Right Electronic Controls and Programing Can Make All the Difference

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Electronic Controls & Programming – July 2018

Danfoss Power Solution’s GUIDE software platform and the Plus+1 family of hardware give Kraft Fluid Systems the means to supply fully customized systems that meet client’s requirements. We focus on rapid response for quick delivery, design a full range of system controls from simple to complex, and will develop customized intelligent…

Electric Drives Are Replacing Traditional Engine-Driven Hydraulic Systems

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Kraft Fluid Systems, Electric Drives Division – June 2018

Customers are demanding electric drive systems to replace hydraulic and engine powered machines. Vehicles thought to be too large or applications too demanding for battery powered vehicles are now becoming a reality.

Planetary Gear Reducers & Drive Assemblies

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Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub® – May 2018

Oerlikon Fairfield is a manufacturer of engineered gear and drive solutions. Their Torque-Hub® planetary drive products are sold worldwide to leading off-highway vehicle and industrial equipment manufacturers. Torque Hub’s wide catalogue of planetary gear boxes includes wheel drives, shaft output drives, spindle output drives, and complimentary products including two-speed drives, right angle drives, compact…


A Hydraulic Motor for Every Occasion

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LSHT Orbital Hydraulic Motor – April 2018

As far as LSHT (low-speed, high-torque) hydraulic motors go, Danfoss offers the most comprehensive orbital motor portfolio in the mobile hydraulic market since their acquisition of White Drive Products in 2016. Danfossoffering is expansive and meets the needs of virtually any hydraulic application from hand-held tools to large construction and mining equipment…


What to Consider When Buying Proportional Valves

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PVG Proportional Valves – March 2018

A directional valve is a vital part of the mobile hydraulic circuit because it provides direct control for each machine function. Some functions may require fine control while others may not. For example, the operator will require precise control of functions like boom, bucket, tilt, rotate, and propel while other functions, like set- up, will only require on-off (bang-bang) control. The versatile Danfoss PVG product line allows for all functions to be incorporated into a single valve assembly…


What Makes for Good Service and Repair?

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Service & Repair – February 2018

Kraft Fluid Systems is a factory authorized service center for Danfoss Power Solutions, Oerlikon Fairfield, and Schabmüller Electric Drives in North America.
A repair or rebuild performed by an authorized service center offers your equipment longer life and better performance in your application through the utilization of factory trained technicians,…