Kraft Upgrades DC Powered Truck to AC Technology

Old 1970’s design is upgraded with the latest AC electric drive technology and controls to optimize performance.


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New Battery Powered Digger-Derrick Takes Market by Storm

Kraft helps Skylift revolutionize the utility market with an all-new battery powered electric drive system for the MD6000.


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Kraft Supports More Efficient Luggage Inspection Equipment

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from Daifuku Airport Technologies’ streamline airport baggage screening.


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Kraft Assists Riveer with Mobile Aircraft Wash Cart for US Military and Allied Forces

The powerful, compact wash solution can potentially save the U.S. military and its allies significant dollars.


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Ultra High Pressure Firefighting at HMA Fire

Kraft Fluid Systems helps power HMA Fire to the lead in firefighting technology.


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New Finn Express Mulch Blower Truck Line Changes the Landscape

Finn Corporation uses Kraft’s help to design a new truck to fill the gap in mulch blowing vehicle options.


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Kraft Upgrades Skylift Machine Controls

New controls offer improved performance, durability, and reliability for specialty equipment manufacturer.


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Kraft Helps Design First Lift-A-Loft with 360-Degree Steering

With help from Kraft experts, Lift-A-Loft’s new SPW16SPL scissor lift offers customers safer and more efficient results.


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Kraft Assists with Haven Top Load Harvester Upgrade

Improved system software and engineering design to be user-friendly and run more efficiently.


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Kraft Upgrades ATI Controls

Better controls offer better operation and communication.


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Kraft assists with Zim-Mixer Z Class Concrete Mixer Upgrade

Kraft experts enhance Zim-Mixers’ automation for improved concrete accuracy and on-site maintenance support.


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Kraft Assists Bins® Move Containers

The experts at Kraft solve container loading problem with remote control application from HBC and Danfoss.


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Kraft Assists Barbco with New Tier 4 Tribor and Auger Boring Machine Designs

Programming Danfoss microcontrollers with real-time software feedback optimizes horsepower requirements.


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IROCK Brings New Mobile Crushing Plant to Market

Kraft assists mobile/portable crushing and screening OEM with products and software development for a new addition to their equipment line.


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Hollywood Driven by Kraft Fluid Systems

Kraft helps video production company solve moving stage opportunity in Valencia, CA.


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Properly Sized Wheel Drives – Optimizes Oxbo Harvester

Kraft Works with Oerlikon Fairfield to Recommend Robust Torque Hub Drive Solution for New Corn Harvester.


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Mechanical Automation – Vogel Engineering

Saving Time and Reducing Labor Costs During Harvesting.


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Grout Pump – EZG Manufacturing

Efficiency meets easy operation on the job site.