After 50 years in business, one thing stands true – Kraft’s commitment to their employees and customers.

ESOP logo: Employee Stock Ownership Program

In 1998 Kraft transitioned from a privately held organization to an employee stock ownership program (ESOP) company. As an ESOP company, all eligible employees become owners of the business over time. With nearly 50 employee-owners to date, Kraft Fluid Sytems has enjoyed consistent annual growth, more committed team members, and a more financially rewarding environment for those willing to work hard for their customers.

There are several benefits to being an Employee-Owned Company. Here are just a few that top the list at Kraft Fluid Systems, as voted by employees.


Financially, Kraft Fluid Systems has been able to share its success with its employee-owners through higher overall compensation, improved benefits, and stronger retirement plans versus other companies in the industry or regional areas. Through hard work, effective leadership, and high performing suppliers, Kraft employee-owners know that their customers’ success, is their success.

Direct Impact

Kraft employee-owners know that their efforts have a direct impact on the company’s success. They know that their actions matter and that being part of a team of owners carries more responsibility, but a more rewarding environment. The sense of pride of ownership fuels the team to work hard, be more efficient, and understand that their actions truly make a difference for the company.


Being a part of the team of employee-owners at Kraft bears great responsibility. Knowing that individual efforts and that of co-workers are striving for the same common goals makes a difference in overall results. Kraft employees enjoy a true teamwork environment where successes are shared, and challenges are not faced alone. The ESOP motto “Act like an Owner,” says volumes about how teamwork makes the dream work.

The employee-owners at Kraft take great pride of ownership, understand the impact of their work, and enjoy being a part of a true team. The ESOP program at Kraft has made a positive impact over the years, and will continue to keep the company on a growth path to more success. Further proof, employees voted Kraft Fluid Systems a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio and was recognized by The Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2022.