Kraft Fluid Systems Now Offers Extended Danfoss PVG Proportional Valve Line

Danfoss Power Solutions extends PVG portfolio with high-flow proportional valves.

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Cleveland, OH – Kraft Fluid Systems Inc., which represents Danfoss Power Solutions products in 12 states in the Midwest US, announces an expanded Danfoss PVG 128 and PVG 256 product line and build center.

Danfoss Power Solutions has added two high-flow proportional valves to its PVG portfolio – PVG 128 and PVG 256, expanding its range of low to high-flow capabilities for OEM customers with demanding applications. The valves are designed to easily integrate with the existing line of Danfoss high performance proportional valves — PVG 16 and PVG 32 — allowing modularity from low to high hydraulic flow “within the same valve stack.

The addition of the high-flow valves extends the range of hydraulic flow within the PVG series up to 300 liters (79 gallons) per minute with the PVG 128 and up to 400 liters (105 gallons) per minute with the PVG 256. A special turbo version of the PVG 256 valve is also available, increasing the hydraulic flow up to 500 liters (132 gallons) per minute.

The expansion of the Danfoss PVG 128 and PVG 256 product lines allow us to better serve our mobile OEM clients with more choices and higher performance,:” said Scott Durand, vice president of sales and marketing for Kraft Fluid Systems, Inc. “We have been a trusted sales and authorized build center for Danfoss PVG valves for more than 25 years and we can’t be happier with the expansion of the family of products, performance, service, and value that affords our clients these world class hydraulic components,” said Durand.

The high-flow valves are ideal for use on demanding applications such as large mobile/truck mounted cranes, crawler cranes, ship cranes, winches, drilling machines, etc. where flow and durability is essential. Using the PVG 128 and PVG 256 together with other valves in the PVG family will allow OEMs to easily enhance machine performance while improving productivity and lowering energy consumption. The use of common parts within the PVG platform means the high-flow valves can easily be incorporated into existing applications.

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