Electric Drives

Kraft Fluid Systems carries AC low voltage variable frequency and DC electric drive components from two of the most respected names in the industry: Schabmueller and Schwarzmueller Inverter. Our sales and engineering staff help you achieve your performance goals through recommending the correct drives and inverters for your system.

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Schabmueller Electric Drives

Schabmueller low voltage electric drives are designed to perform in demanding conditions making them a qualified choice for a wide variety of battery powered vehicle and mobile equipment applications. Their offering includes various sizes and powers.  View Schabmueller’s range of electric drives and learn about their product offering.

Schwarzmueller Inverter

A member of the Danfoss Group, Schwarzmueller Inverter manufactures PLUS +1 mobile inverters for low voltage variable frequency AC drive applications. Their robust sealed design is a perfect choice for harsh battery powered vehicle and mobile equipment applications.  Find technical information on all of Schwarzmueller’s Plus+1 mobile inverters.

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