Kraft Fluid Systems is an Authorized Distributor for Danfoss Power Solutions

Danfoss Power Solutions is a world class manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, electronic controls, and displays for mobile equipment applications. Kraft has been an authorized sales, service, and build center for more than 30 years.

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Kraft Fluid Systems offers the following Danfoss products


Proportional Valves

Kraft has been an authorized build center for Danfoss PVG valves for more than 30 years.

PVG Series include

  • PVG 16 proportional valves – Low-flow PVG 16 covers simple to complex needs. Proven technology and components for customized valve stacks.
  • PVG 32 proportional valves – Designed for maximum flexibility configurable as an advanced electrically controlled proportional valve. As well as a load sensing directional control valve.
  • PVG 100 proportional valves – The flow-sharing technology of the post-compensated, load-sensing PVG 100 is ideal in different systems. Especially in systems where flow demand regularly pushes supply to the limits.
  • PVG 120 proportional valves – Load sensing valve suitable for high flow and pressure. The PVG 120 is built to take control.
  • PVG 128/256 proportional valves – For the most demanding applications, only the highest flow and the highest pressure will do. The PVG 128 and PVG 256 are made for controlling the toughest applications.

Open and Closed Circuit Pumps

Kraft Fluid Systems offers both open and closed circuit pumps from Danfoss and are designed to provide long service life with high efficiency and performance suitable for demanding mobile applications.

  • Closed Circuit Pumps from Danfoss offer the versatility to handle a broad range of applications.
  • Open Circuit Pumps from Danfoss offer a variety of applications from low volume, low pressure requirements to high power custom applications

Open and Closed Circuit Motors

Kraft offers these Danfoss high quality closed circuit motors.

  • Piston
  • Orbital LSHT
  • Tier IV Emissions

Kraft also offers the following high quality Danfoss piston motors for open circuit applications.

  • LSHT
  • Vane
  • High power

Danfoss Electronics

Kraft offers Danfoss controllers, joysticks, displays and radio remote controls.

Danfoss Plus+1 Software allows you to configure custom machinery systems integration.

  • Danfoss Plus+
  • Danfoss Telematics Solution
  • Danfoss Electronic
  • Danfoss Displays