Technical Reference

We’ve assembled technical papers and manufacturers’ data and worksheets into a single location for your convenience. As this reference section continues to grow, contact one of our engineers at (800) 257-1155 with any further questions.

Click a link below to download a PDF or Excel document.

Technical Papers

Electric Drives Aren’t Just for Toys (PDF 194KB)
HIC (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) Manifolds – the good, the bad, and the ugly. (PDF 165KB)
Starting & Stall Torque (PDF 145KB)


Shaft Output Worksheet (Excel 151KB)
Swing Drive Worksheet (Excel 160KB)
Track Drive Worksheet (Excel 116KB)
Wheel Drive Worksheet (Excel 119KB)
Winch Drive Worksheet (Excel 118KB)


Electro Hydraulic ADS (PDF 141KB)
Fan Drive System App Data Sheet (PDF 214KB)
Flow Divider App Sheet (PDF 131KB)
Fluid Motor (PDF 390KB)
Pump Ads (PDF 152KB)


IMO Application Data Sheet US (PDF 258KB)


Brake Valves (PDF 973KB)
Caliper Disc Brakes (PDF 953KB)
Master Cylinders Remote Actuators (PDF 1.29MB)
Multiple Disc Parking (PDF 863KB)
Multiple Disc Service Overide (PDF 869KB)
Multiple Disc Winch Load Holding (PDF 850KB)
Reverse Modualting (PDF 959KB)


Applications Guide (PDF 366KB)
Fan Drive Application Guide (PDF 1.58MB)